A Crafted


The Sozo gift experience is designed to foster moments of genuine enjoyment and relationship

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Made for

Sitting down for a meal is a universal way that we connect with each other.

This is why every item that we make and curate is chosen because of how it pairs with food. Our gifts are made to bring people together so that relationships can flourish.

Presentation is as important as the gift

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Each gift box is personalized with a color accented ribbon that compliments your brand.


Inside of each box is a "thank you" letter from you that aligns to your company's logo & colors.

Each gift recipient learns that their gift box provided a donation to charity.


Foster a lasting relationship based on shared values

Each gift purchased provides a donation to charities that benefit your community.


It's an impactful message of generosity that your customers won't

forget—thousands haven't so far—and opens the door for you to forge a lasting relationship on shared values that goes beyond the gift.

Open the door for an ongoing relationship with your client with the elegant and memorable gesture of a Sozo gift.