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You don't always know what gift a person will enjoy, but want to ensure they have a seamless and premium experience. 

All of Sozo's world-class gift options are available through ELIGERE. Just select a curated list of 4 to 6 premium gifts by Sozo that matches your unique expression of gratitude.

Premium gift options

How it works

When you mark a loan as "closed" in the Transactions section of your Salesforce account, an order for a Sozo Gift box is automatically placed and billed to your BDAP account.

What to expect

Gifts will ship directly to your client within 1-2 business days, and billing will occur monthly. You will receive a tracking number once the gift ships, and a confirmation email once it arrives at their doorstep.

Simplified billing

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to save 5% on every Sozo gift you send through our Automated Closing Gift Program through 2020.

Start today

Take less than 10 minutes to opt-in and send premium closing gifts automatically with every loan you close.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ELIGERE mean?

ELIGERE is the latin word for "choice", which is at the core of the program: allowing each gift recipient to chose the perfect gift for them.

Is there a fee to use ELIGERE?

No, joining the program is easy and fee-free. The program is avaliable only to those with a certain expected order volume.

How do I use ELIGERE?

Reach out to our help desk to get set up and using ELIGERE today.

How do I pay for the gifts that are sent out?

Our goal is to make billing as easy as possible for you. Billing for all gifts that were sent via ELIGERE is done at one time at the end of your gifting period.

How do I find my tracking number for a gift?

You should have recieved an email from with your FedEx or UPS tracking number between 1-2 business days of your loan closing. It's always possible that this email is in your "spam" or "junk" folder. If you still don't see it, please visit our help desk to reach out to us and we will reply within the same business day.

What is Sozo Gifts?

We're glad you asked! Sozo Gifts is the premium closing gift company that provides you with hassle-free, world-class gifts that matter. Learn more about our company, our mission, and the Sozo Gifting Experience here.

How does ELIGERE work?

It's a simple process to set up your ELIGERE experience to get you gifting as soon as possible: 1. Select a "start" and "stop" period for your ELIGERE program 2. Select the 4-6 gifts you would like in your ELIGERE program 3. Select the ELIGERE distribuion method (i.e. how people are told they can select a gift)
4. Recieve a concolidated bill at the end of your ELIGERE period that only charges you for the gifts that were ordered

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