Common Questions

What are your shipping and processing times?

We process and ship most orders the same day when placed before 2pm PST.

Ship times vary between 1 to 5 business days. Click here to see our shipping map for delivery windows based on your location.

Does your billing allow my gift purchases to be properly billed to my corporate gift budget?

Yes! We've been working with large and small businesses for over 8 years. Our system is designed to support any kind of billing that your company requires. Examples include:

  • Separate billing for different employees or branch offices on the same order
  • Separate billing for different budget line items on the same order (i.e. Marketing and HR)

Can I ship gifts directly to my customer?

Yes! Just input your customer's address when you place your order and we'll take care of the rest. Your customer will receive a personalized Sozo gift box with a message from you, delivered directly to their home or office.

Do you offer discounts for buying in bulk?

We keep our margins as low as possible so that we can provide the most value we can to our customers. This is how we are able to offer world-class, award winning wines and goods for less than other gift companies offer ordinary off-the-shelf gifts. For this reason, we don't offer discounts for bulk purchases.

Does a portion of every gift go to charity?

Yes. Sozo gives a portion of the proceeds of each gift box to a selection of more than 60 hand-picked charitable organizations and causes each year.

Does it cost more to custom engrave glasses?

We don't charge for custom engraved glasses finished with your company's logo.

Can you direct charitable proceeds from my gifts to my company’s charity/foundation?

The charitable organization that we use is set up to fill needs and serve a variety of life-honoring causes that align with nearly everyone's charitable priorities.

We can however make exceptions on a case by case basis to support our customer's company's own charitable foundations.

What’s the unboxing experience like for my customer?

Most all Sozo gifts are shipped in a black premium gift box finished with a hand-distressed label and cut ribbon that accents your company's brand colors unless otherwise noted.

Their Sozo gift box can house wine or cider, glasses, coffee and sweets.

Each gift also includes a custom "thank you" note printed on partially-recycled paper. It includes your name, your customer's name, and the name of your company.

Do you charge sales tax?

Due to state laws, we charge state sales tax on orders delivered to Arizona, Idaho, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Can I ship alcohol anywhere in the US?

Due to state laws, businesses are not allowed to ship alcohol to the following states.

  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

How much does shipping cost?

We don't mark up our shipping costs, and pass all of our savings to you. You pay the exact discounted business shipping rate that UPS and FedEx offer our company. Every single gift box ships for a flat fee of $14.82 Ordering 4 or more gift boxes reduces your shipping costs to $6 per box when shipped to the same location.

Do you offer discounts for picking up gifts directly from Sozo Gifts headquarters?

Yes! You'll save on shipping costs so you only have to pay for the gifts + tax. You might even walk away with some extra treats.

We're located just south of SeaTac airport at:

811 S 192nd St
#200 Seatac, WA 98148

What happens if my customer doesn't accept my gift, or it can't be delivered?

This rarely happens, but when it does happen, we work with UPS or FedEx to re-route the gift to your office so that you can deliver it by-hand.

Is there an easy way to purchase hundreds of gifts at once, but ship them to different locations

Yes! Our Spreadsheet Order feature allows you to do this in just a few clicks. You can learn more about this here: