Large gift orders, simplified.

With our Spreadsheet Order Feature, send thousands of different gifts to thousands of different recipients, at the click of a button


Sozo Gifts has created a powerful tool that allows you to send thousands of gifts to thousands of different people at thousands of different addresses at the click of a button.

Whether you want to send everyone the same gift, have a unique gift in mind for each recipient or somewhere in between, our system is designed to cut your order time down from hours to minutes.

Simply download the order template from your QuickOrder gift store, complete the required information, and submit the spreadsheet as an order in your store.

Our Spreadsheet Order Feature In-Use

One of the world's largest travel technology companies used the Spreadsheet Order feature to send 1,000 Sozo gifts around the world as a holiday present to its most loyal customers.

One of Guild Mortgage's top producers in the Pacific Northwest uses the Spreadsheet Order feature to send between 40 and 60 gifts each month as a "thank you" for every loan they close.

The Puget Sound's largest INFINITI dealership uses the Spreadsheet Order feature to send dozens of gifts directly to those who purchased new cars each month.

Get Started

If your QuickOrder gift store is equipped with the spreadsheet order feature, you will find it under the "Start Your Order" menu. Select "Bulk Spreadsheet Order".

Spreadsheet Order Screenshot Example.jpg

If you don't see this option in your QuickOrder gift store, send us a message via our help desk and we will enable that functionality within 24 hours.