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Gifts that matter

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Sozo Gifts Matter


Explore wines that win awards year after year, sweets that are made with the finest local ingredients, and cutlery made from German steel.


The best gifts aren't dime a dozen. Sozo Gifts is the only place you can find award-winning Sozo wines, ciders, and coffee blends.


Research shows that relationships grow when people share in a charitable act. A portion of each gift box goes to a charitable cause.

The Sozo Gifting Experience

  • High-quality, personalized gift box

  • Notice of charitable contribution

  • Personalized "thank you" letter

  • Flexible shipping & billing options

Customer Praise

Retention Tool

"We couldn't be more pleased with our customers' response. It's has proven to be one of our best customer retention tools and has offered new depth to pleasing our customer beyond expectations."


Kuni Lexus of Portland

Lasting Impressions

"The impact of our gift and our mutual support of the community food bank leaves a lasting impression which enhances the customer experience."


Guild Mortgage

Very Pleased

"Our customers couldn't have been more pleased and blown away by the gifts and the spirit with which they were delivered. Very grateful for the opportunity to use Sozo!"


Midas Marketing