VIP Series - Relax & Rejuvenate
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Exceptionally curated gift boxes for exceptional people. Leave a lasting impact with Signature Series VIP Gifts, by Sozo. Due to the custom-curated nature of these gifts, each gift requires a minimum order of 10 and typically has a 4-6 week lead time.
Corvo EKG Kettle by FELLOW:  FELLOW has quickly become the premium standard for an uncompromising coffee and tea experience. This electric kettle at the intersection of beauty and brains. Variable temperature control, 1200 watts for a quick heat time, and a world of features for ultimate control. Precision engineered to help you perfect your tea, coffee, hot chocolate, famous oatmeal recipe, or whatever else you need hot water for while maintaining a minimal footprint in your kitchen. Yours for the pursuit of liquid concoction excellence.

Ember Mug²: Designed for home or office, the new Ember Mug² does more than simply keep your coffee hot. The smart mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature, so your coffee is never too hot, or too cold. Ember then maintains a chosen temperature for up to 1.5 hours with the Ember Mug² 10 oz and up to 80 minutes with the Ember Mug² 14 oz - so each hot beverage stays perfect. Each mug has a non-stick easy to clean coating, is safe to hand wash, and can be finished with your logo.

Multivitamin Mask by Vitamasque: Regular vitamin infusion in a skincare regime plays an essential part in securing healthy skin which glows from every angle. Restore your radiance levels with the Multi Vitamin Mask which combines vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E to intensely hydrate and nourish.

Lavender Infused Heat Wrap: Sooth & relax with a calming lavender scent and moist warmth from this multi-purpose spa wrap. Heat in the microwave or tumble dryer, or chill in the freezer. 9" wide & 26" long and weighing approximately 2.5 pounds, the ultra-soft and plush cover can be removed and washed separately.

Essential Oil by Aiden & Coco: These essential oils take the complexity of finding ethically made, high-quality products for people who are always on the go. Each product is handmade with 100% natural ingredients in small batches by the women-led team at Aiden & Coco in San Francisco, California.

Homesick Hawaii Candle: Juicy pineapple and coconut combine with sandy shore breezes, ocean tides, cyclamen flowers, and just a hint of sugar cane in this trendy candle. Aloha Hawaii.

Artificial Snake Plant by Flora Bunda: The designer artificial snake plant has all of the beauty and subtlety of a real snake plant, without any maintenance. Each pot is hand-crafted by Flora Bunda artisans out of ceramic and painted white with chic gold lines and a smooth finish.

Camp Wildwood Incense: Memories of campfires and good times are conjured at the mention of Camp Wildwood, a long-closed retreat in the woods deep in the canyon, down by the creek. That unmistakable wood fire fragrance is captured in this tree sap-based formula.

Incense Tray by RX Los Angeles: Artisan-made, minimalist cement incense tray and cube burner. Each tray is handmade in Los Angeles, CA, and is the perfect addition to any home decor. 

Calming Places book by School Of Life: This book has curated some of the most calm-inducing places in the world and evoked them on handsome cards with extraordinary photography and resonant, sensory language. The book contains twenty invitations to travel in our minds to places that can help the restoration process: standing by the seashore, appreciating a warm summer breeze, taking in the majesty of the night sky.

Rose Gold Foil card by The Social Type: Hand-made stationery encourages the gift recipient to therapeutically think outside of themselves by writing a letter to someone who matters the most to them.

Wood & Marble Coasters: Also included in this gift box are 2 authentic acacia wood and real marble coasters. One material seamlessly transitions into the other, creating a smooth surface that highlights the copper mule mugs in an elegant and fresh way. Each coaster will appear different due to natural variations in both the marble and acacia wood, and can be engraved with your logo at your request.

Assorted Fine Tea by Smith Tea: The finest teas and botanicals are sourced from India, China, Sri Lanka and Africa. Some tea is purchased directly from the gardeners, others from auctions held in the tea trading centers of Calcutta, Colombo, Mombasa and Jakarta. Nothing is ever pre-blended; Each tea and infusion is crafted with care and discipline in Portland, Oregon.
The perfect gift to make a long-term impact with true wine lovers.
Gift Box Contents
  • Corvo EKG electric kettle by FELLOW

  • Ember Mug2 10oz mug

  • Lavender infused heat wrap by Sonoma Lavender Co.

  • COZE Essential oil spray by Aiden & Coco

  • Hawaii candle by Homesick

  • Camp Wildwood Incense by 19 Candles

  • Incense Tray by Rx Los Angeles

  • 1 box of fine herbal tea by Smith Tea

  • 1 set of acacia wood & marble coasters

  • Calming Places Card Set by The School Of Life

  • Rose Gold Foil card by The Social Type

  • Multivitamin Radiance Mask by Vitamasques

  • Artificial air plant in a tabletop pot

  • 1 custom-sized premium black gift box
  • 1 custom-printed thank you card

What makes this product special

Winemaker's Choice


Each gift box's color accents are hand-selected to compliment your company’s colors.

Every gift comes with a personalized insert printed on partially-recycled cardstock.


10% of every gift box is given to a life-promoting charity of your choice.

Shared acts of charity are scientifically proven to draw people into a closer relationship.

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