The Value of Uplifting Holiday Gifts

How can Holiday gifts build brand loyalty? What is an uplifting gift to give to those who mean the most to your business? The Sozo Gifting Experts are here to help you answer these important questions this Holiday season.

Not only are gifts central to the holiday season, they add value and support to the relationship with your clients. With this year’s share of surprises, gifts are important for building trust and increasing productivity.

We had the opportunity to speak with Erika, the loyalty manager at some Seattle-area INFINITI dealerships, about their gifting experience.

When asked why she prefers Sozo Gifts over other vendors, she explained:

“I'm a visual person, so the packaging looks expensive and nice; exquisite. When you open a gift, it feels like a top quality product. And the treats inside are great too!

What is Erika’s favorite gift to give to INFINITI customers?

The Cab, Chocolate & Coffee gift box (I personally like the cab a lot). It has something for everyone and still feels premium and special. Wine is a special thing; even if you give a bottle to someone and they don't drink, they'll still feel grateful and give that bottle to a friend or take it to a dinner party.”

While gifts are valuable in gaining loyalty from clients as we’ve seen in the auto industry, sending uplifting gifts to your teammates are equally as important.

Many companies have asked their employees to work from home amid the current COVID-19 outbreak. This change combined with uncertainty both inside and outside of the business world, can leave many remote employees on edge.

That’s why the gifting consultants at Sozo Gifts have curated new gifts this year to promote relaxation and at the same time, productivity.

Our favorite new holiday gift offering? The candles, coasters, and etched mugs set. Explore this authentic and elegant gift box by clicking here.

A thoughtful gift that encourages team members to relax, trust their leadership, and lean into their new-found remote independence can go a long way to ease tensions and grow loyalty as they feel cut off from the home office.