The 12 Ways of Gifting

This year more than ever people are ready to celebrate and to be celebrated. It is going to look different and feel different. One of those differences can be the gifts themselves- gifts have never been more appreciated!

Each of our gifts not only sends a perfect message to the recipient, it also prompts a second gift- a donation to the charitable cause you choose. There are zillions of ways to share Sozo Gifts but as the song suggests, let’s start with The 12 Ways of Gifting!

1. Client "Thank yous"

Your clients have been patient (or not so patient) and also dealing with new horizons. A little something is a perfect way to thank them.

2. Prospect gifts

Get a jump on the business with a gift thanking the potential clients for all they do.

3. Vendors

These people we depend on would love a thank you…

4. Internal Team

With holiday parties looking a lot like Zoom Meetings this is the perfect year to send your team special gifts

5. Referrals

What a wonderful way to refer a business to another, with a gift.

6. Delivery Folks

These business partners are often forgotten- Sozo has just the thing.

7. Company-Wide Gifts

We have the team to curate the just right gift for you entire company (we can create several choices with you).

8. Sharable Gifts for a group

We can make a treat box of exclusive goodies that the team will just eat up …really.

9. Most Outstanding Player Gift

Even though everyone is wonderful, there is that one who makes everything a little better for everybody..we have award-winning wine for that very person.

10. Gift Box as Invitation