Emergence of Virtual Holiday Gatherings

2020 has had its share of surprises. Sozo Gifts is here to help you get ahead of the Holiday Season while adding value and support to your relationship with those who are the most important to your business. This holiday season, show your appreciation with an uplifting surprise - a premium Sozo gift.

Not only are Sozo’s gifts a top-tier option for the holidays, they can serve another purpose - an invitation to a virtual party OR even the centerpiece to a virtual party.

Virtual concerts, happy hours, meetings, and even parties are now a common occurrence. One industry in particular, has taken advantage of this trend. Financial Advisors have taken virtual happy hours to the next level - by inviting their client base with an uplifting gift to encourage participation. Read more about how this industry is using Sozo Gifts to take full advantage of their clients' new virtual way of life.

Use a Sozo Gift as the centerpiece of your virtual party. Let your attendees know not to open it until party time and let them open their personalized, beautiful gifts together. Our award-winning wine is a great way to bring participation and encourage toasts at your Holiday Party. Here are some other fun ideas to make sure everyone has fun at your party:

  • Consider a co-host for your party to handle any technical aspects and make sure everything runs smoothly

  • Virtual games or team building games are always a good ice-breaker

  • Encourage people to dress up

  • Add a fun playlist to the party

  • Create competitions! Ask people to put up decorations as their background to the virtual party

Let the 2020 holiday season be as merry as the last, while bringing loyalty and continued relationships with your clients and employees. Sozo Gifts has curated meaningful Holiday items ranging from travel backpacks to award-winning wine with a set of etched wine glasses.