Customers Expect Thank You Gifts From Car Dealerships

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Does it really matter if car dealerships give their customers "thank you" gifts?


Don't take our word for it. Look at a few customer forums around the web, and people are very clear when they describe car buying experiences that stand apart from others:

From Quora

What would be a nice gift from a car dealership to show customer appreciation? "Surprise me... [but] things that don't make nice gifts: License plate holders, I've thrown every one of them out. Cheap T-Shirts... Magnets". - Adam


"And one of my very best car-buying experiences - getting an '86 Dodge- involved a similar experience with another no-pressure kind of salesperson... AND, when we went to pick up the car, she had a bottle of champagne waiting for my wife and me. :)" -GreenGene

"You should be expecting gifts... dinner certificates, etc from [your car salesperson]" -Marmac

From Bimmerpost

"On pick up day I got the car and she got big bunch of flowers, champagne, chocolates and a few nick nacks" -Mentos

"Don't take those mugs with BMW logo, they are pretty much garbage. I had a few of those and all of them were leaking after a couple uses." -py0413

Their satisfaction leads to your referrals.

From Reddit

"Probably the best gift [to thank him for being such a great salesperson in your car buying process] would be sincerely working hard to give him some referrals" -Retterkl

Thank you gifts don't have to be expensive, just meaningful; One of Sozo's most popular auto dealer gifts is $30 ($36 after bulk shipping). It's a meaningful gift that everyone will love, without the hassle of giving a different gift to each person depending on their interests.

Your above and beyond expression of gratitude and generosity with a Sozo Gift will keep you top of mind for their--or their friend's--next car.

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