How INFINITI Dealers Give Gifts To Increase Customer Loyalty

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

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The team at Sozo Gifts had the pleasure of speaking with Erika, the loyalty manager at a couple of large Seattle-area INFINITI dealerships, about their comprehensive customer loyalty program.

Q: If you could have any car in your lot right now, what would it be?

A: The Q70L with a white exterior and tan interior, no question. THAT'S a beautiful car.

Q: Why do you feel gifts are essential for customer loyalty and referrals?

A: Every customer that buys a car from us gets a gift from Sozo. It reminds customers that they are important, because they really are important to us. The gift is much more than a gesture. I love getting gifts, don't you? Gifts make people come away feeling appreciated, feeling important, feeling good about themselves. When our customers get gifts, they want to go share that good feeling with others, which really does open the door for new business for us.

Q: When do you give the gift to customers?

A: Sozo's Gifts are mailed to our customers' homes about a month after they buy the car--you guys make the fulfillment side of that easy. We also give them a little keychain when they buy the car, just so they have something to go home with that day.

Q: How do gifts help you stay in touch with your customers after the sale?

A: I get the pleasure of calling all of our customers after a month or so to make sure they got their gift, ask them what they think of the gift, oh and of course to ask them if they like their car. This gives me an excellent opportunity to connect with these people beyond the transaction. Again, it makes them feel like people, and that I'm calling them because they're a person I care about, not a line item on a spreadsheet of sales for the month.

Q: Do customers ever reach back out to the team to say "thanks" for the gifts they receive?

A: We get many calls from our customers, usually back to the salesperson who sold the car, saying "thanks" for the gift. It's surprising how uncommon it is to receive a quality gift after purchasing something as expensive as a car.

Q: What do you like most about Sozo Gifts?

A: I'm a visual person, so the packaging looks expensive and nice: exquisite. When you open it, it feels like a top quality product. And the treats inside are great too.

Q: What's your favorite gift to give to INFINITI customers?

A: The Cab, Chocolate & Coffee gift box (I personally like the cab a lot). It has something for everyone, but still feels premium and special. Wine is a special thing; even if you give a bottle to someone and they don't drink, they'll still feel grateful and give that bottle to a friend or take it to a dinner party.

Q: Are you a dog person or a cat person?

A: Oh gosh, do I have to pick? I can't, don't make me choose. They're both wonderful for their own reasons!


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