A Large Consulting Firm's Approach To Gaining Clients & Growing Loyalty

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The team at Sozo Gifts had the pleasure of speaking with Miz Nakajima, the Director of Marketing at global digital services firm ProKarma, about their brand-led client engagement marketing strategies.

Q: How long have you been with ProKarma?

A. I joined ProKarma almost nine years ago and have had the benefit of wearing a number of hats to learn the inner-workings of the company, and to be a part of its significant growth and transformation.

Q: What’s the elevator pitch for your role?

A. At the end of the day, the Marketing team’s job is to create relationships and to help build trust with our clients and their customers, along with our employees and partners.

Q: In your opinion, what’s a big challenge when marketing a services company?

Miz and her team recently launched ProKarma's new positioning: "Design. Build. Run the Future"

A. Unlike marketing a pair of shoes or an app, there is an intangible component to services, which at times make it challenging to quickly show end results. Services companies are also highly dependent on people and it’s not a one size fits all business. There are many variables at play; connecting, distilling and translating many moving parts into meaningful initiatives that tie back to corporate goals can be very challenging at times – and refreshingly rewarding when it comes together!

Q: As a marketer then, how do you approach that challenge to make sure you can work to grow the company?

A. It requires constant and clear communication as part of a multi-faceted approach to demonstrating our leadership and value. We lead micro thought leadership events and develop point-of-view articles on relevant topics that help us build momentum and rise above industry chatter so that we can have valuable insight to share with our clients.

Our "Marketing Council" comprised of key leaders across departments has helped us bring additional viewpoints, clarity, and muscle to bigger marketing initiatives and challenges.

Strong relationships also help fuel ongoing successes, as well as help buoy us during challenging times.

Q: What makes ProKarma better equipped to do this compared to other services companies?

A. The principle of doing good is in our name. We believe that doing good comes full circle. We strive to connect the work we’re doing and the relationships we are building with important causes in our communities. This is why when we encountered Sozo Gifts, it presented us with yet another way to show our appreciation to our clients while championing needs and causes close to our hearts.

Q: How have you used Sozo Gifts in the past?

A. We partnered with Sozo at the end of 2018 to give year-end “thank you” gifts to our clients. Sozo’s quality product, beautiful packaging and charity donation tie-in aligned with our values. We took pride in presenting the gift boxes to our clients and leadership team to celebrate yet another successful year together, and it was well received all around.


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