4 Reasons Why December 16th Is Your Last (Best) Chance To Order Holiday Gifts

Over the past decade of sending gifts around the country and world for the Holiday season, we've learned what works best to ensure that gifts arrive in the most impactful way.

Tuesday, December 16th is our recommended "cutoff" this year for ordering Holiday gifts to send to your team, clients and vendor partners.

This cutoff date exists not because we are unable to ship gifts within 24 hours of an order (in many cases we can even ship same-day). We recommend the December 16th cutoff date as a strategic best practice to help ensure your gifts are seen and cherished.

Here are four reasons why:

  1. Packages take longer to arrive during the holidays: If a package normally takes 2 days to reach its destination, it might take 3 or 4 days -- and that's not counting a snowstorm that blows through the middle of the country, closing down the freeway for 8 hours. Planning for a longer package lead time means sending gifts earlier. Placing your order by the Tuesday before Christmas Eve ensures there are 5 full business days post-shipping for your package to arrive its destination in a timely manner.

  2. Help cut through the gifting clutter: Many gifts arrive the week of Christmas. Having your gift arrive before the rest helps to ensure that it stands out as a unique gesture before "package fatigue" sets in.

  3. Ensure gifts arrive before your gift recipients leave the office: Many employers are closed the week of Christmas, and many more employees take the week fo Christmas off. If you are shipping to your gift recipient's place of employment, it's important that those gifts arrive before the office shuts down for the Holidays so that the gift doesn't loose its impact.

  4. Ensure gifts arrive before your gift recipients leave their homes to go out of town: Many family traditions have families traveling across the city or across the country in the day(s) leading up to Christmas. It's important that your gifts arrive before people leave town so that packages aren't swiped from unattended porches.

Ready to order your Holiday gifts? Check out our curated Holiday catalog or request your QuickOrder gift store to start gifting online today.