3 Ways To Get Referrals & Repeat Business After The House Closes

70% of home buyers forget their realtor's name after one year. The same issue is true (and often even more so) for loan officers, car dealers money managers, and others tied to large, infrequent purchases.

It’s a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” Your client has signed on the dotted line and is now focused on settling into and enjoying the largest purchase of their lifetime, regardless of how good or bad the agent was during the buying and closing process.

It’s not that the agent did a lousy job working on behalf of their client; it’s just that it wasn’t memorable.

Staying top of mind with quarterly reports on home values and interest rates isn’t the best way to stay memorable, as it can lack relevance and seem at worst, disingenuous, eroding their trust in you.

We bring to you, three ways to be that one memorable agent (and grow your referral base and repeat business)

1. Give an uncommon “thank you” gift at closing.

Add value to your clients’ lives. Give them a gift that will help them live into and celebrate their new home. That relevancy will give you an air of thoughtfulness and intentionality that postcards, magnets, and gift cards cannot.

2. Seal your relationship based on shared interests—and shared concerns.

This sounds daunting, but with the right tools doesn’t have to be. Relationships need commonality—it’s their glue, catalyst, and fuel. If you and your client both happen to love the 1972 Datsun 240z or traveling to Croatia, this becomes easier. If not, finding common issues focused on helping people becomes a good starting point. Talk about community improvement projects you align with, charities you and your business support.