Engraved Martini Shaker & Glasses Set Gift Box
Business Price   $75
Retail Price   $85
Gift Details
The complete gift kit to outfit any bar.
A black powder-coated cocktail shaker laser-engraved with your logo is the centerpiece of this gift box. The shaker is complimented by two top-quality USA-made stemless martini glasses that take a modern approach to a classic cocktail glass, along with a world-class and durable Japenese-style jigger and shaker strainer made by Barfly.
Also included in this gift box are 4 authentic acacia wood coasters with edges that have been sanded to the perfect angle and polished to perfection. Each coaster will have natural variation in the wood grain that is highlighted by the corner that is dipped in metallic paint and laser engraved with your logo.
A fun and classy present for new homeowners or employees on your team who enjoy a good cocktail.
Gift Box Contents
  • 1 black powder-coated engraved martini shaker
  • 2 stemless martini glasses
  • 1 Japanese-style jigger - deep metal grey
  • 1 spring glass/shaker strainer - deep metal grey
  • 4 acacia wood coasters - 4 x 4 inches
  • 1 color-accented black gift box
  • 1 custom-printed thank you card

What makes this product special

Winemaker's Choice
Ultra Premium


Each gift box's color accents are hand-selected to compliment your company’s colors.

Every gift comes with a personalized insert printed on partially-recycled cardstock.


10% of every gift box is given to a life-promoting charity of your choice.

Shared acts of charity are scientifically proven to draw people into a closer relationship.

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