Engraved Cheese Board
Business Price   $25
Retail Price   $35
Gift Details
This engraved bamboo cheeseboard board is designed to be a thoughtful and practical gift. Its thin wire mounted inside of a durable and stylish stainless steel slicing arm allow it to effortlessly slice through medium and hard cheeses without ever needing to be sharpened.
 The perfect add-on to our wine gift boxes as a house warming present.
Gift Box Contents
  • 1 engraved bamboo cheese board
  • 1 custom-printed thank you card


Each gift box's color accents are hand-selected to compliment your company’s colors.

Every gift comes with a personalized insert printed on partially-recycled cardstock.


10% of every gift box is given to a life-promoting charity of your choice.

Shared acts of charity are scientifically proven to draw people into a closer relationship.

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