Charcuterie Board & Complete Savory Treats Gift Box
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Give the gift the whole household will enjoy in the moment, yet cherish for years to come. This is a more comprehensive version of our Charcuterie Board & Savory Treats Gift Box.

The natural, unfinished acacia wood in the Wood & Marble Board has a smooth surface with contrasting colors from the wood grain that are different in every piece. The beauty continues with subtle variations in the cool white marble that flanks the wood on either side. Its size allows it to be just as useful on-display in the kitchen, as it is serving meat and cheese at a dinner party. The board measures 14.5" long (with handle), 7.5" wide, and 0.5" high. Engraving details are customized to your preference.

The trio of Coro uncured salami are a local Pacific Northwest artisan's take on the classic uncured meats of the old world, made with the finest ingredients including naturally-raised, antibiodic-free grain fed pork. This gift box includes two different 5oz flavors, with no soaking or peeling required; the meat naturally does not require refrigeration and is ready to slice and eat. The "Classic" flavor is a crowd pleaser made with a hint of garlic and ginger, the "Hot Sopressata"provides a tasty kick from top-quality cayenne pepper, while the combines fresh cracked black pepper, dried fennel, and with a touch of curry.

Experience 11 ounces of honey harvested and curated for the most discerning of tastes. Orchard Honey 'El Castillo del Sol' from 2018 offers a taste of the land from that year that has been frozen in time. A dense, caramel honey with flavors of molasses, butterscotch, carob, fig, and raisin. Collected from the dense tropical fruit orchards of Nayarit, Mexico, including mango, avocado, and citrus. This solid glass jar with metal lid and gold foil label exhudes luxury.

The jar of fair trade extra virgin olive oil is produced on the island of Lesbos, Creece on the Aegean Sea. THis orchard has been nurtured by elements of the sea for over 600 years. The olives are carefully grown and collected by local olive tree farmers, and the oil is pressed at the fair-trade olive pressing stone mill of Michalis, Stratis and Parashos. It's pure with no chemical additives.

The Luxe Collection Medditeranian Apricots from Turkey by Jocelyn & Co are naturally sweet, with no sugar added, and act as the perfect complement to any charcuterie board.

Fresh bake-at-home french bread adds a unique flair to this gift box. Two french demi-baguettes measuring 9" each pair well with soft cheeses, olive oil, jam, and salami. Each loaf is made with a simple list of certified USDA Organic, non-GMO Ingredients: Organic unbleached wheat flour, water, sea salt, yeast.

The fruit accompaniments are continued with a jar of blackberry preserves that act as a perfect foil to sharp cheese.

New York Shuk and Arizona-based Hayden Flour Mills have collaborated to reimagine traditional food in the form of a humble, yet irresistible cracker. Made from freshly stone-milled White Sonora wheat, an heirloom variety of America’s first wheat, with New York Shuk’s vibrant traditional flavors from the Middle Eastern Pantry.

The white cheddar and camembert cheese spread is a delicious addition to your charcuterie board and is best enjoyed with both the Za'atar crackers and a slice of the Coro salami.

To round out the box, we've included a versatile mix that makes for an incredible dip or sourdough garlic bread spread. This is crafted with an emphasis on garlic especially for garlic lovers.
 The perfect house warming gift for families.
Gift Box Contents
  • 1 engraved mango wood & marble board
  • 1 original uncured 5 oz salami by Coro
  • 1 Hot "Sopressata" uncured 5 oz salami by Coro
  • 1 Finocchiona uncured 5 oz salami by Coro
  • 1, 11 oz jar of 2018 Orchard Honey 'El Castillo del Sol' by State Honey Curators
  • 1 500ml bottle of Fair-Trade Mediterranean Olive Oil
  • 2, 9" take-and-back french demi baguettes
  • 6 oz of Mediterranean Apricots by Jocelyn & Co.
  • 1, 1.4 oz jar of blackberry preserves by Jocelyn & Co.
  • 1 box of Za'atar crackers by New York Shuck
  • 1 container of white cheddar camembert cheese spread by Jocelyn & Co.
  • 1 box of garlic and cheese dip mix by Jocelyn & Co.
  • 1 "Luxury Collection" black gift box
  • 1 custom-printed thank you card

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Each gift box's color accents are hand-selected to compliment your company’s colors.

Every gift comes with a personalized insert printed on partially-recycled cardstock.


A portion of every gift box is given to a life-promoting charity of your choice.

Shared acts of charity are scientifically proven to draw people into a closer relationship.

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